About Rishi

The Gift a Hand Foundation is a 501(c)3 pending nonprofit that helps people with disabilities find the care they need. Each year, the Foundation selects a new technology to help individuals around the world, and 100% of donations go directly to the people, no loopholes or anything of the sort.

2016: 3D Printing

Our technology of the year is 3D Printing. We chose 3D printing because of its broad application towards various fields, but more specifically because of its ability to help those who can't afford traditionally manufactured products, such as prosthetics, which is what our focus is on this year.

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Phase 1: Body-powered Prosthetics

We are planning to collect the hand measurements of 250 individuals who are missing a portion of their hand, but still have a functional wrist. Once we have this information, we plan on raising money and partnering with a company to 3D print all of the prosthetic hands with the measurements we collected.

Phase 2: Myoelectric Prosthetics

Once each person has received a Body-Powered Prosthetic, we plan to partner with other nonprofits and institutions to conduct research on the cheapest possible way of making a myoelectric hand. From this research, we plan on 3D printing a myoelectric prosthetic so that each person that previously received a hand can have an independent, myoelectric one.

Phase 3: Cricket Tournament

After about a year or so, we plan on hosting a Cricket Tournament to showcase the benefits of each person’s prosthetic hand.

Future Vision

Quarter of 2016, Stages and Plans

  • 1st Quarter:

    Gathering 250 hands.

  • 2nd Quarter:

    Printing and distributing hands to necessary individuals and starting research on myoelectric prosthetics.

  • 3rd Quarter:

    Finishing up research and starting development of the myoelectric prostheses.

  • 4th Quarter:

    Printing and distributing Myoelectric Prosthetics and hosting a cricket tournament for recipients.

Thank you Chris Craft for all your help and support.
We really appreciate you and admire you.

- Rishi Talati

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